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The ThirdEyeAstro is a one stop solution for all problems pertaining to astrology and Vastu Dosh as it provides due services and adequate advice with a team of experts at doorsteps. It, however, lays stress mainly on key services including Vastu Shanti, Faladesh, Hasth Rekha, Kundali, Gem stone, Puja and Anusthan.

As far Puja is concerned, its specific experts perform ‘Puja and Anusthan’ other experts share their expertise over Vashtu Shanti. Experts having in-depth knowledge over Kundali extend their advices on marriage prediction and pairing of Kundalies and Shaadi-Vivah.

The ThirdEyeAstro also offers various names for newly borne babies with its Pandits as the names in conformity with Kundali get them success in their lives. It also suggests ‘Puja and Anusthan’, if required, for the peaceful and successful lives of these babies.

As a platform of woldwide known for Kathawachaks, its Gyani Pandits offer Srimad Bhagwat Katha/Sangitmay Gyan Yagya, Sri Mahapuran Katha, Sri Ram Katha and other Kathas and Paths including Sundarkand.

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